Content Strategy

transmedia storytelling

In today’s information-driven economy, content is king, to use the popular phrase in circulation.  These days, if  your business isn’t outputting content on the world wide web, you’re essentially invisible—even if you have a company website. Does your marketing strategy include a content component? How do you plan on leveraging content strategically to gain followers, improve online visibility, and establish yourself as an authority in your field? I believe that at the heart of every business and organization there’s a conversation already taking place; I help you discover and voice that conversation across appropriate channels with accurate, on-brand messaging.

As a strategist for your company, I take a consultative approach when it comes to content: first, I listen to your goals and take inventory of what you’re already doing to engage your audience. From there, I make recommendations for improvement, providing you with a step-by-step playbook for executing a thoughtful and compelling content strategy. My clients appreciate that I also offer social media and digital storytelling services to help enact content strategies, allowing for a full-service experience.

Why care about content?

A recent video released by brand leader Coca Cola highlights an important shift in marketing trends. As Coke explains, it will evolve its agenda to move from creative excellence to content excellence:

Twenty or thirty years ago, brand messaging was simple, direct, and one-way. Today—thanks to new technologies and new media—the stories we tell have to be much more fluid.