In today’s information economy, any forward-thinking business understands the importance of generating its own content. Housing a blog on your website not only shares your brand’s story, it also improves SEO (search engine optimization) and directs traffic to your site. Whether your looking for articles for your businesses’ blog or want to grow your personal brand via content, my blogging services are sure to enhance your online presence.

Maybe you’ve set up a blog for your company, but you’re not really sure what to write. Or, perhaps you’re teeming with ideas but don’t have the time to write and publish them. Let me help share your story.

Although there’s no shortage of bloggers out there, business blogging and brand journalism require a unique blend of skills; not only am I versed in the art of professional writing, I also possess intimate knowledge of brand strategy and positioning. I understand how to cultivate and capture a brand’s “voice” and how to animate prose with personality.

When you hire me as your blogger, you don’t just receive articles to post, you enjoy a full-service treatment. Provided your website is run on WordPress, I upload content to your site, source and format imaging, craft catchy headlines and search-friendly tags, and optimize content for SEO. So what are we waiting for? Let’s get down to business.

Blogging services start at $100 per post.