Amanda Rebecca Cosco by Semco Salehi of I am Torontonian

Me on the Bathurst Bridge, 2011. Photo by Semco Salehi of I am Torontonian

—So what do you do? For as long as I can remember, I’ve never liked the question. That’s probably because—like many millennials—I don’t just “do” one thing but instead perform a variety of key roles in media and communications. I’m an experienced freelance writer, multimedia journalist, and social media consultant—but that’s just a good jumping off point.

I earn my living penning copy, crafting content strategies, and blogging for brands. I’ve had the pleasure of fulfilling contracts for all kinds of businesses big and small, with some notable clients such as Living Social, TD Bank, and The Social Times. I also boast experience as resident blogger at the Cambridge Suites Toronto, an all-suites hotel in the heart of downtown Toronto, as well as head of social media and content at Crescent, a boutique communications agency based in Yorkville.

I earned my master’s degree in English Literature from Ryerson University in Toronto. My thesis work, which focused on the metaphor of hunger in women’s writing, was funded by the Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada. Prior to attending Ryerson, I graduated with the highest honours from York University, where I had one foot in journalism and one foot in literature, earning a double major in English and professional writing.

Living an open-ended and freelance lifestyle has taken me all kinds of places: I’ve served as creative director for a Toronto-based start-up, travelled through Europe on the job, and even met role models such as CBC journalist Amanda Lang and spoken word artist Andrea Gibson.

In addition to continually evolving my personal brand, I aspire to be a new media professor, an outspoken poet, a novelist and the next Larry King—I already own the suspenders. If I’ve piqued your interest (or if you think I’m the right girl for your gig) I invite you to get in touch via email (amandacosco400[at]gmail[dot]com). Please note I do not check my LinkedIn inbox daily.

Specialties:Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, WordPress, Content Strategy, Content Development, Content Management, Content Aggregation, Web Presences, Social Listening, Brand Development, Social Networking, Social Media Consulting, Content Consulting, Community Management, Branded Journalism, Copy Writing.








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