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Publications Amanda Rebecca Cosco

Here’s a list of things I wrote … 


Interview with a Cyborg: How Machines Mesh with MankindThe Globe and Mail. 27 May 2014.

Twitter Gong Show Takes Toronto: A Case for Social Media Marketing. The Social TImes. 18 November 2011.

Is Branded Journalism Still Journalism? The Social Times, September 2011. 

You are What you Tweet: Writing Your way into the Social Media Revolution. The Social Times, April 2011.

Facebook Censorship- Is Big Brother Watching You? The Social Times, April 2011. 

Food Fight: Social Media Fuels Jamie Oliver’s Social Media RevolutionThe Social Times, April 2011.

I Challenge You to Tell a Great Story on Twitter. The Social Times, April 2011.

Google Goes GagaThe Social Times, April  2011.

A Conversation with Djanet SearsWoman, March 2011.

I do Desire we be Better Strangers. CONTRA, February 2011.

The Bricoleur of Luxembourg. Interview with Marcel Terrani. CONTRA, February 2011.

Open Waters: CONTRA sits down with Morgan Waters of Sweet Thing. CONTRA, January 2011.

 Cytotec: Rebirth of the Coat Hanger Abortion? Woman, January 2011

Giving up the Grade. This Magazine. February 2010.

The Green Movement goes to Market. MacMedia Magazine, March 2009.


Recipes, Narratives. Rev. of Comfort Food for Breakups: The Memoir of a Hungry Girl. Agora Reviews, 2009.

Diamond In The Rough: The Annex HodgePodge. Rev. of the Annex Hodge Podge. WOMAN, February 2011.

A Story of Loss and Gain: Book Review Unbearable Lightness by Portia de Rossi. Rev. of  Unbearable Lightness by Portia de Rossi.WOMAN, February 2011.

Food Writing

Dark Horse Cafe: Queen West Coffee, Toronto Coffee Shops, January 2011.

The Green Beanery: The AnnexToronto Coffee Shops, January 2011.

Zoe’s Bakery & Cafe: King West Coffee, Toronto Coffee Shops, January 2011.

Sense Appeal Coffee Roasters: Queen West CoffeeToronto Coffee Shops, January 2011.

Lit Espresso Bar: College West CoffeeToronto Coffee Shops, January 2011.

Jimmy’s Coffee-: King West CoffeeToronto Coffee Shops, February 2011.

La Merceria: Queen West CoffeeToronto Coffee Shops, February 2011.

Shorts with Contra Magazine

Dana Lee Spring/Summer 2011. CONTRA Magazine. January 2011.

Black Dub- Live off the Floor. CONTRA Magazine. January 2011.

Fun Theory: The Piano Stairs.CONTRA Magazine. January 2011.

Blurring the Edges: Angela Grossman. CONTRA Magazine. January 2011.

Headfood Radio: Mumford & Sons- ‘Little Lion Man.’ CONTRA Magazine. January 2011.

Headfood Radio: Diane Cluck- ‘Here I am’ CONTRA Magazine. January 2011.

Matthew Woodson: Neither Here Nor There. CONTRA Magazine. January 2011.

The 4-Chord Debate. CONTRA Magazine. 13 January 2011.

Icy and Iranian Street Art. CONTRA Magazine. 14 January 2011.

Headfood Radio: Polly Scattergood- ‘Please Don’t Touch’.” CONTRA Magazine.14 Jan. 2011.

Headfood Radio: Playing for Change- ‘Stand by me’.CONTRA Magazine. 17 Jan. 2011.

Girls With Slingshots- Danielle Corsetto CONTRA Magazine. 17 Jan. 2011.

Gucci Spring/Summer Eyewear 2011. CONTRA Magazine. 18 Jan. 2011.

Dave Matthews for John Varvatos- Spring/Summer 2011. CONTRA Magazine.19 Jan. 2011.

Burberry Prorsum- Fall/Winter 2011. CONTRA Magazine. 19 Jan. 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Lacoste- Spring/Summer Eyewear 2011.” CONTRA Magazine. 19 Jan. 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Banksy: Chalkboard Living Room.” CONTRA Magazine. 19 Jan. 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Headfood Radio: Mr. Scruff Vs Kirsty Almeida – ‘Pickled Spider‘.” CONTRA Magazine. 19 Jan. 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Leonardo DiCaprio Freaks Out.” CONTRA Magazine. 20 Jan 2011.

Cosco, Amanda.Paul & Joe- Spring/Summer 2011.” CONTRA Magazine. 24 Jan 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “The Most Basic Form of Mind Control is Repetition.” CONTRA Magazine. 24 Jan 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Lanvin: Spring/Summer Menswear Preview.” CONTRA Magazine. 24 Jan 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Rick Owens- Spring/Summer 2011.” CONTRA Magazine. 24 Jan 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Headfood Radio: The Magnetic Fields- ‘The Luckiest Guy on the Lower East Side’.” CONTRA Magazine.24 Jan 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Galliano- Fall 2011.” CONTRA Magazine. 24 Jan 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Create or Die: Wade Hampton Art.” CONTRA Magazine. 24 Jan 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Headfood Radio- Ida Maria ‘Oh My God’.” CONTRA Magazine. 25 Jan 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Valentino- Spring/Summer 2011.” CONTRA Magazine. 26 Jan 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Diesel- Spring/Summer 2011.” CONTRA Magazine. 27 Jan 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Headfood Radio- Adele ‘Rolling in the Deep’.” CONTRA Magazine. 27 Jan 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Big Bang Big Boom.” CONTRA Magazine. 27 Jan 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Headfood Radio: Hugo- ’99 Problems’.” CONTRA Magazine. 29  Jan 2011.

Cosco, Amanda.“Mad Style” CONTRA Magazine. 31 Jan 2011.

Cosco, Amanda.“Blik: Wall (Sm)Art” CONTRA Magazine. 1 Feb 2011.

Cosco, Amanda.“Headfood Radio- Pepper Rabbit- ‘Harvest Moon‘.” CONTRA Magazine. 1 Feb 2011.

Cosco, Amanda.“Conversions of Another Kind.” CONTRA Magazine. 1 Feb 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Headfood Radio: Fitz and the Tantrums– ‘Moneygrabber.’” CONTRA Magazine. 2 Feb 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “V.Room- Fall/Winter 2011.” CONTRA Magazine. 3 Feb 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Boys to Men: Manuel Ritz- Spring.Summer 2011.” CONTRA Magazine. 3 Feb 2011.

Cosco, Amanda.“Thom Browne Fall/Winter 2011 Paris Presentaion” CONTRA Magazine. 4 Feb 2011.

Cosco, Amanda.“Louis Simonon for Levi’s.” CONTRA Magazine. 4 Feb 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Carhartt Spring/Summer 2011.” CONTRA Magazine. 7 Feb. 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Odeur – Autumn/Winter 2011/12.” CONTRA Magazine. 7 Feb 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Terminal 2- Fall/Winter 2011.” CONTRA Magazine. 7 Feb 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “DKNY Fall/Winter 2011.″ CONTRA Magazine. 9 Feb 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Classic Commercials from Duke University.” CONTRA Magazine. 9 Feb 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Say my Name: Mon Monogram from Louis Vuitton.” CONTRA Magazine. 9 Feb. 2011.

Cosco, Amadna. “Ed Hardy & the Lure of Forbidden Art.”CONTRA Magazine. 9 Feb, 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Steve Alan Fall/Winter 2011.″ CONTRA Magazine. 11 Feb 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “The Bad Girls of Literary History.” CONTRA Magazine. 11 Feb 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “What’s in Your Head?” CONTRA Magazine. 11 Feb 2011.

Cosco, Amanda: “Buckler Fall 2011 Preview.” CONTRA Magazine. 14 Feb 2011.

Cosco, Amanda.“Headfood Radio: KO- ‘Capable.’” CONTRA Magazine. 15 Feb 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “The Doll Lab: The Producer’s Cut.” CONTRA Magazine. 16 Feb 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “River Viiperi for Drama Magazine.” CONTRA Magazine. 18 Feb. 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Headfood Radio: Erykah Badu- ‘Gone Baby, Don’t be Long’.” CONTRA Magazine. 22 Feb 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Whatever Else Poetry is Freedom” CONTRA Magazine. 22 Feb 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Tiffany Bozic Art.” CONTRA Magazine. 23 Feb 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “OOS for Albert Reichmut.” CONTRA Magazine. 23 Feb 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Wine By Design.” CONTRA Magazine. 23 Feb 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Kristen Pyles Fits All.” CONTRA Magazine. 23 Feb 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Midget & Giant by Ryuja Nakamura.” CONTRA Magazine. 24 Feb 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Painting the Town: Greg Simkins @ Mid-City Arts.” CONTRA Magazine. 24 Feb 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Gitman Vintage.” CONTRA Magazine. 25 Feb 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Headfood Radio: Orehla X Vhils- M.I.R.I.A.M.” CONTRA Magazine. 25 Feb 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “John Lobb 190 Steps.” CONTRA Magazine. 25 Feb 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “GANT by Michael Bastian.” CONTRA Magazine. 25 Feb 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Child’s Play by Yusuke Suzuki.” CONTRA Magazine. 28 Feb 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Rokas Rach for Hysteria Magazine.” CONTRA Magazine. 28 Feb 2011.

Cosco, Amanda.”Classical Meets Contemporary.” CONTRA Magazine. 28 Feb 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Tween Fall/Winter 2011.” CONTRA Magazine. 1 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “String Theory by String Design.” CONTRA Magazine. 1 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Savage Beauty by the late Alexander McQueen.” CONTRA Magazine. 1 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Curious Nature by Manifesto Design.” CONTRA Magazine. 1 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Andrea Spotorno for 10 Men Magazine.” CONTRA Magazine. 1 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Goodbye Galliano?” CONTRA Magazine. 1 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Architectural Puddles by Madeline Di Gangi.” CONTRA Magazine. 4 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “HERO presents Domingo Rodriguez- Spring/Summer 2011.” CONTRA Magazine. 4 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Headfood Radio: The Avett Brothers-’The Weight of Lies’.” CONTRA Magazine.7 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Layered Narratives by Brian Dettmer.” CONTRA Magazine. 7 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Every Nice Thing by Shan Jiang.” CONTRA Magazine. 7 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Toronto Street Artists Pimp My Ride.” CONTRA Magazine. 7 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Gisele Bundchen for V Magazine.” CONTRA Magazine. 7 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Phil Jones Captures Everyday Art.” CONTRA Magazine. 8 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Left Brain/Right Brain by Mercedes-Benz.” CONTRA Magazine. 9 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Good Night Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet).” CONTRA Magazine. 11 March, 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Sabrina Garrasi Illustrations.” CONTRA Magazine. 11 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Boss Orange Spring/ Summer 2011″. CONTRA Magazine. 12 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Wood Wood by Generic Surplus.” CONTRA Magazine. 12 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Headfood Radio: Telekinesis- Dirty Thing.” CONTRA Magazine. 12 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Object Series by Monocomplex.” CONTRA Magazine. 14 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “AJ Abualrub for Idol Magazine.” CONTRA Magazine. 14 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Parkour Flipbook Animation.” CONTRA Magazine. 16 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust.” CONTRA Magazine. 16 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. ” ‘Shore Leave’ by Glen Luchford.” CONTRA Magazine. 16 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Back to the Drawing Board.” CONTRA Magazine. 17 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Headfood Radio: Kate Miller-Heidke- ‘Are You Fucking Kidding Me?’.” CONTRA Magazine. 17 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Judge a Book by its Cover.” CONTRA Magazine. 21 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Spoke Art Presents Quentin vs. Coen.” CONTRA Magazine. 21 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Balabushka Remnants Spring 2011 Lookbook.” CONTRA Magazine. 21 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Vogue Hommes International- ‘The Scream’.” CONTRA Magazine. 21 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Burning Time.” CONTRA Magazine. 21 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Anna Wintour for WSJ.” CONTRA Magazine. 23 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Customelow Spring/Summer 2011.” CONTRA Magazine. 23 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “J. Blynn for L. Magazine.” CONTRA Magazine. 23 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Adrian Wlodarski for Twist Magazine.” CONTRA Magazine. 24 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Man of Steel- Brandon Williams.” CONTRA Magazine. 24 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Headfood Radio: Styrofoam Ones- ‘Pavement’.” CONTRA Magazine.. 24 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “The Grim Reaper.” CONTRA Magazine. 24 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Headfood Radio: Spoek Mathambo- ‘Control’.” CONTRA Magazine. 24 March, 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “The Model: Oshun and the Dream.” CONTRA Magazine. 25 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Marc Jacobs Quilted High-Top Sneakers.” CONTRA Magazine. 25 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “David LaChapelle- Pictures That I Wanted to Say.” CONTRA Magazine. 25 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “The Renaissance Man: Danny Yirgou.” CONTRA Magazine. 25 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Alex Synge Photography.” CONTRA Magazine. 25 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Annie Collinge Photography.” CONTRA Magazine. 25 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Ed Templeton’s ‘Cemetery of Reason.” CONTRA Magazine. 28 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Simon Spurr-Men’s Collection Autumn/Winter 2011/12.” CONTRA Magazine.28 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Google Goes Gaga.” CONTRA Magazine. 28 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Roll Top Laptop.” CONTRA Magazine. 30 March 2011.

Shorts with Woman

Cosco, Amanda. “Animated Role Models to Admire.” WOMAN.11 Jan 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Tom Ford’s Return to Fashion.” WOMAN. 11 Jan. 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Angela Grossmann: Blurring the Edges.” WOMAN. 11 Jan. 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Why ‘The Bachelor’ is McDonald’s for Your Mind.” WOMAN. 11 Jan. 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Let Them eat Cake: Cake Opera Opens Toronto Store.” WOMAN. 15 Jan. 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “The iPhone vs. the Blackberry: Why the iPhone kicks Blackberry’s Butt.” WOMAN. 15 Jan. 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Elise Flannigan & Red Velvet Art: Crazy for Crafting.” WOMAN. 15 Jan, 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Warner Entertainment Celebrates Another Year Well Done.” WOMAN. 18 Jan 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Top Three Non-Fiction Reads for 2011” WOMAN. 25 Jan 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “To Tweet or Not to Tweet: Top Four Reasons to Join Twitter Now.” WOMAN.30 Jan 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. Do Diets Really Work?” WOMAN.30 Jan 2011

Cosco, Amanda. “Why Every Woman Needs to Watch What not to Wear.” WOMAN.30 Jan 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Michelle Obama not fit for the job?” WOMAN. 1 Feb 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. Unique Gifts from Rue Pigalle.” WOMAN. 8 Feb 2011.

Cosco, Amanda“Closing the Gendered Pricing Gap.” WOMAN. 11 Feb 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “He Loves me, he Loves me not.” WOMAN. 11 Feb 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Choose Your Music, Change Your Mood.” WOMAN. 16 Feb 2011.

Cosco, Amanda“Lowering the Bar.” WOMAN. 22 Feb 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Jeans: The Cheaper the Better.” WOMAN. 23 Feb 2011

Cosco, Amanda“The Bad Girls of Literary History.” WOMAN. 23 Feb 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. Why I Unapologetically Hate Sports.” WOMAN. 26 Feb 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “What Your Coffee Says About You.” WOMAN. 27 Feb 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. The Importance of Girlfriends.” WOMAN. 9 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Would You Quit Your Job for Love?” WOMAN. 9 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda“Pre-Period Preparation Snacks.” WOMAN. 9 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Get the Most of Your Day.” WOMAN. 16 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Snooki Small Talk.” WOMAN. 16 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Feet Savers: How to Avoid Blisters.” WOMAN. 16 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Long Distance Relationships: the 4-1-1.” WOMAN.17 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “George Brown Fashion Galla.” WOMAN. 24 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “From Sidewalk to Catwalk: The Fashion Collective Storms LG Fashion Week.” WOMAN. 25 March 2011.

Shorts for The Social Times:

Cosco, Amanda. “Retailers Ask: What Brand will Your Avatar Wear?” The Social Times. 21 Jan 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Is Twitter a Surrogate for Social Classifieds?” The Social Times. 25 Jan 2011.

Cosco, Amanda.How Unexpected Vitality Sent Karen Owen into Virtual Hiding.” The Social Times.2 Feb 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “5 Indie Artists that Indie Artists Should Follow on Twitter.” The Social Times. Feb 4 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Gossip Girl Facebook Game Espouses The Healthy Value of Buying Friends To Win At Life.” The Social Times. Feb 4. 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Instant Replay—for Super Bowl Commercials?” The Social Times. Feb 8 2011.

Cosco, Amanda.”Social’ Dating for the Socially Inept.” The Social Times. Feb 9 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “The New World of Work.” The Social Times. 10 Feb 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Study: Facebook Linked to Eating Disorders.” The Social Times. Feb 11 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Barry White on Your iPhone for Valentine’s Day.” The Social Times. Feb. 14 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “To the Person who Stole my Blog Post: ‘Plagarism’ is not the same as ‘Information Sharing.‘” The Social Times. 14 Feb 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Facebook in Egypt: The Dawn of a Free Democratic Press?” The Social Times. 16 Feb 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “James Franco Tweeting Oscar Secrets Before the Show.” The Social Times. 27 Feb 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. ” Google Releases Street Art View.” The Social Times. 28 Feb 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Kanye ‘God-Digger’ Comment Sparks Controversy on Twitter.” The Social Times.28 Feb 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Gay Community Supports Facebook’s new Relationship Statuses.” The Social Times. 28 Feb 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “How Has Facebook Revitalized Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte?” The Social Times. 28 Feb 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Lupul Sends Leaf Fans on a Scavenger Hunt for his lost phone via Twitter.” The Social Times. 28 Feb 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Why Facebook Needs to Stop Reorganizing my Room.” The Social Times. 3 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Facebook Scammers Pose as Military Officials to Scam Money from Women.” The Social Times. 3 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Toronto Women Petitions for Facebook to Blackout for Earth Hour: Is it Bad for Business?” The Social Times. 3 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Ever Wanted to Create a Beautiful Music Video?” The Social Times. 3 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Facebook: Helping Prostitutes Create Their Own Business, Avoid Pimps, and Keep 100% of their Profits Since 2007.” The Social Times. 4 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Are Citizens the New Journalists or New Paparazzi?” The Social Times. 7 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “TwiHaiku: Where Twitter and Poetry Collide.” The Social Times. 7 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Tweeters React to iPad 2.” The Social Times. March 6 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Gone Forever: Art Exhibit Satirizes Social Media.” The Social Times. 7 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Does our Twitter Obsession Make us Poets or Delusional Narcissists?” The Social Times. 7 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Study: Browsing Facebook for Just 3 Minutes Can Improve Student’s Self-Esteem.” The Social Times. 8 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “An Artist’s Guide to Twitter: 11 Dos and Don’ts.” The Social Times. 8 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Libyan Internet Blackout Feels Like a ‘Post-Apocalyptic Scenario’.” The Social Times. 9 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Five Surefire Ways to Get Your Band Noticed on Twitter.” The Social Times. 10 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “The Coolest App You’ve Never Heard of.” The Social Times. 10 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “China Goes Foursquare.” The Social Times. 10 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Museum Tweets to Raise 1.5 Pounds for ‘Computing History’ Exhibit.” The Social Times. 11 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “The Role of the Art Gallery in the Digital Age.” The Social Times. 14 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Schwartzy & Pagana- YouTube Hidden Treasures.” The Social Times. 14 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Share Virtual Beers with Guinness Facebook App.” The Social Times. 17 March, 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “It’s Alive: Charlie Sheen’s Social Media Business Model Breeds Imitators.” The Social Times. 18 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “New Facebook Yearbook Prints all Your Posts, Updates and Photos.” The Social Times. 20 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “How Will we Teach our Grandparents to Use Facebook.”  The Social Times. 21 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Five Arts and Culture Magazines that Rock Social Media.” The Social Times. 22 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “New Social Media Startups Are Dedicated to Funding Indie Art.” The Social Times. 24 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Vatican Seeks Social Media Advice.” The Social Times. 24 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. Musician’s Pop Anthem is Humorous Look At Relationships of Facebook.” The Social Times. 24 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Out of the Closet: A New Way of Sharing Old Media.” The Social Times. 28 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Social Media Research Project Calls for Participants.” The Social Times. 31 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Earth Justice Social Media Campaign.” The Social Times. 31 March 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “How Social Media Changed LG Fashion Week.” The Social Times. 3 April 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Jot Journal Prints Mini-Books From Your Facebook Feed.” The Social Times. 3 April 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “An Insider’s Perspective: Lady Gaga Pens Fashion Column for V Magazine.” The Social Times. 4 April 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. How New Media is Transforming the Upcoming Canadian Election.” The Social Times. 4 April 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “More than Just a Like? Canadians Petition Facebook for a ‘Love’ Button.” The Social Times. 4 April 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Fashion Up-and-Comer Credits Social Media With Quick Ascent.” The Social Times. 4 April 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “James Franco: ‘Social Media is Over’.” The Social Times, 5 April 2011.

Cosco, Amanda“Billy Crystal Joins Twitter on J.D. Salinger’s Recommendation … Wait—What?” The Social Times. 6 April 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. What Exactly are Mormons Selling in Their YouTube Ads?” The Social Times. 6 April 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Facebook and Smoking: Street Artist Interprets our Social Media Addiction.” The Social Times. 14 April 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Mother Distracted By Facebook and Games, Son Tragically Drowns.” The Social Times. 17 April 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. ” ‘You Can’t Take the Effect and Make it the Cause’—Congresswoman Quotes the White Stripes.” The Social Times. 18 April 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. Lady Gaga at the Cutting Edge of Social Media … Yet Again.” The Social Times.18 April 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Share With Your Fellow Cooks at New Recipe-Based Social Network.” The Social Times. 19 April 2011 .

Cosco, Amanda. “A Style Revolution: 5 Online Magazines for Men’s Fashion.” The Social Times. 4 May 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Super Hot Nerds are Here.” The Social Times. 5 May 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Lady Gaga’s Crowd-Sourced Charity Campaign.” The Social TImes. 6 May 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “New Service Lets You Get Deals & Badges to Become a ‘City Ambassador’.” The Social Times. 9 May 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “How GoJane Learned More about Their Tween Shoppers.” 9 May 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Middle Eastern Research institute Reaches Out to Connect With International Audience.” The Social Times. 10 May 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “A Perpetual Cheer-up: Hyped Social Network is About Sharing What Makes you Happy.” The Social TImes. 10 May 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Tweets for Your Sweet: Campaign to Help Students Quit Smoking.” 11 May 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “New Facebook Group Hopes to Cultivate Next Generation of Citizen Journalists.” The Social Times. 12 May 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “A Social Network for Foodies.” The Social Times. 13 May 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Are Twitter Storytellers the Heroes of Postmodernism?” The Social Times. 16 May 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Five Artists That Used Less Than 140 Characters 100 Years Ago.” The Social TImes. 23 May 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Interpreting Media: Clay Shirky Speaks.” The Social Times. 2 November 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “How Twitter Can Make You a Better Writer.” The Social Times. 3 November 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Facebook, Eh? 3 Canadian Business Doing Social Media Right.” The Social Times. 4 November 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “TED Talks—and Wants You to Talk Back.” The Social Times. 9 November 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. ” ‘I’d Like to Create More Apps’—Sixth-Grade Genius Delivers TED Talk.” The Social Times. 15 November 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “A Merchant’s Experience of Groupon.” The Social Times. 15 November 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Why Your Company Doesn’t Need a Google+ Page … Yet.” The Social Times. 15 November 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Click, Flash, Whir: Turning Everyday Into Art.” The Social Times. 15 November 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Salman Rushdie’s Facebook Feud (in Tweets). The Social Times. 16 November 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “How to Make Content King: 3 Content Aggregation Tools Reviewed.” 16 November 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Mobile App Scrubs Your Facebook Past Squeaky Clean.” 16 November 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “If You Lost Any Facebook Followers Yesterday, Blame Jimmy Kimmel.” 18 November 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Twitter Reacts to the Eviction of #OWS.” The Social TImes. 21 November 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “How Workopolis is Leveraging Content to Stay Competitive with LinkedIn.” The Social Times. 21 November 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Notewagon: Letting Students Upload & Sell Their Class Notes.” The Social TImes. 21 November 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Want More ‘Likes’ on Facebook? Survey Says Coupons Are the #1 Marketing Strategy.” 21 November 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “When Spam Attacks.” The Social Times. 21 November 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Hashtag to Watch: #TweetThePress.” The Social Times. 22 November 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Facebook Used for Crisis Intervention: New Media, New Potentials.” The Social Times. 22 November 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “How to Use Facebook to Target Your Dream Job.” The Social TImes. 24 November 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “Demystifying Social Media: Three Key Takeaways from the Success of Non-Profits on Facebook.” The Social Times.  28 November 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “How Yellow Pages is Leveraging Social to Stay Relevant.” The Social Times. 28  November 2011.

Cosco, Amanda. “8 Statements From #OWS in 140 Characters or Less.” The Social Times. 29 November 2011.

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