“Amanda is a focused, talented writer who finds the essence of the story. Her work is some of the most insightful that we have at the Social Times.” —Neil Vidyarthi, Editor, The Social Times

“Amanda shows good research skills and a perfect grasp of the mandate. Her writing is fluent and sophisticated, requiring next to no editing. I will assign other stories to her in the future.”James Chatto, esteemed writer & food critic

“Amanda is an energetic journalist who is comfortable using multiple social media platforms simultaneously. She is a word lover who is just as happy pitching ideas and undertaking original reporting as she is surfing the internet for great blog content.” —Drew Penner, freelance journalist

“In the two years that I have known Amanda, she has demonstrated that she is a prolific writer and editor with excellent comprehension of her subject matter and attention to detail. She worked for me as freelance writer, associate editor, copy editor and youth columnist for the South Asian Health Chronicle. It has been great experience working with her, and I’d highly recommend her for other media groups.” Sarma Donepudi, Editor-in-Chief, The South Asian Health Chronicle 

“Amanda is focused, energetic and a positive spirit! She contributes a creative edge to her work and is very savvy in social media. I recommend her for all your writing needs!” —Andria Corradetti, PR professional 

“You needn’t look further than her own social presence to know that Amanda has a superior understanding of the social space and a talent for creating engaging content. With a diverse portfolio she’s demonstrated an ability to adapt her great knowledge for organizations in any vertical, topped with a positivism and enthusiasm that is immediately evident.” Aubrey Stork, email strategist, Outside the Box Thinking for Your Inbox.